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The town of Ivins came about because of the fulfilled dream of several men to bring water to the Santa Clara bench. Ivins Reservoir was built to store the water in 1918. They decided they wanted a different name for their town than "Santa Clara Bench," the name that was finally chosen was "Ivins" after the Mormon Apostle Anthony W. Ivins. He was asked and didn't object as long as they spelled it right. He then donated $100 toward a chapel and sent later a bell for it.

Ivins is home to Tuacahn Amphitheatre and Performing Arts Charter School, Red Mountain Spa, and Snow Canyon State Park all of which draw many people to the area. Ivin's founding fathers and their descendants still live there but the town has changed much in recent years. The population that stayed under 100 for many years is now more than fifteen times that number. A lot of people have moved in under the big red mountain. Ivins is still a place that young couples (and not so young) can find a place to build a home and family.