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Santa Clara  

The town of Santa Clara is one of the oldest settlements in the county. In 1854 Jacob Hamblin and several Mormon missionaries came down from Fort Harmony to establish a new mission and teach the Paiutes who lived in the area.

The population in 1970 was just 271. But this has all changed in the last twenty years. The town's population had ballooned to 1630 by 1990 and many new residents have joined the old families and live in this peaceful, beautiful town. There is still a family-owned fruit stand along the main street, and most of the town's residents work elsewhere. St. George has expanded its boundaries up to the Santa Clara city limits and what used to be long wagon ride to town (St. George) now takes just minutes to travel. Santa Clara, with its shade tree flanked main street is a wonderful testament to the early pioneers and their determination to endure and carry on.

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