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Toquerville is named after Chief Toquer, an early Paiute chief. The town is located about thirty miles south of Cedar City along Ash Creek. The town is located at an elevation of 3,394 feet. The area has good water available from springs about a mile above town. The water from the springs is used for culinary and irrigation and is one reason why Toquerville has long been known for its fruit, grapes, alfalfa, and other agricultural pursuits.

Toquerville Utah

Toquerville was first settled in the spring of 1858 when several families built log cabins near Chief Toquer's Paiute village along Ash Creek. In 1859 nineteen families were living in Toquerville and by 1864 the community had grown to forty-one families. According to the 2000 census the town today has a population of about 900 including descendants of the early town pioneers as well as many new residents.

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